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The only Brazillian Jiu-jitsu gym in central Wisconsin ran by a genuine black belt. We've been choking out bad guys since 2007!

Whether you're just looking for a fun hobby and a good workout, or you want to win medals and to be fight ready, Great White is a friendly gym with high level instruction.  We are the only gym in the Wausau area that speciallizes in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, a ground oriented martial art focusing on progressing from bad or unsafe positions, to dominate positions and ultimately ending the fight with a joint lock or choke.  Our instructors have thousands of hours of time on the mat and are eager to teach everyone to be their best.  We offer two free trial classes to new students!

we are a luiz claudio and thiago veiga (LCCT)affiliate school


World champions and Rickson Gracie black belts Luiz Claudio and Thiago Veiga endorse our school and visit several times, a year, ensuring we maintain a level of quality that meets their high standards.  We are proud to represent them.

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Our doors our open! Come find out why we love what we do.